The Healthwoods Specialist Centre is committed to providing the highest quality of patient care through efficient, safe and effective services for those who need endoscopic procedures on a day only basis.

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About Healthwoods

The Healthwoods Specialist Centre is a Day Hospital that strives for excellence in patient focus, quality care, and professionalism.

This Day Hospital has been operating as an endoscopy Centre since 2001. As new management, we took over the Hospital in June 2007. In December 2007/January 2008, in order to meet Ministry of Health requirements, we invested a significant amount of capital to renovate the facility. In January 2008 our facility was one of the first endoscopy centres in NSW to purchase the then latest and best digital high definition Olympus endoscopic equipment. We acquired five 180 series gastroscopes and five 180 series colonoscopes as a result of our commitment both to our doctors to use the best possible equipment and to our patients to have their procedures carried out by the best possible equipment. In January 2014 we made a further major capital investment to replace all this equipment by purchasing four 190 series gastroscopes and four 190 series colonoscopes which are the latest and best endoscopic equipment available. In February 2014 we invested a significant amount of capital to replace and upgrade our IT equipment. In March 2014 we installed carbon dioxide as the preferred gas to carry out endoscopic procedures thus optimising patient care and minimising the probability of patients experiencing discomfort or pain during and after their procedure. As part of our policy to maintain the building in the best possible way during the 2013 Christmas period the whole building was freshly painted. The Day Hospital has contracts with all major private Health Funds and all our doctors provide a service with no gap billing. For uninsured patients, the facility fee is very reasonable and competitive. We have two endoscopy theatres and fourteen recovery beds. The Day Hospital is licensed by the NSW Ministry of Health and fully accredited by the Australian Council of Health Care Standards (ACHS) ensuring the highest standards of patient care are achieved. At Healthwoods Specialist Centre we appreciate the significance of employing appropriate staff in order to deliver the best possible care. We are proud of our nursing and secretarial staff that assist and care for our patients at all levels of our service. Currently, there are nine consultant gastroenterologists, one colorectal surgeon and one accredited endoscopist who provide a service in our Centre. In addition, our Day Hospital has six appropriately qualified and experienced doctors who administer sedation to our patients. Our aim and commitment is to facilitate and augment our doctors’ practices and provide the best possible care to our patients. Finally, I would like to thank all our staff (nursing, administration and secretarial) for assisting in making our Day Hospital a state of the art endoscopy facility. Very importantly I would like to thank our patients for their continued support in having their procedures at our Centre and also our visiting Medical Officers for choosing our facility to carry out procedures on their patients.

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